Mehvar sazan chichest

Mehvar sazan chichest


Maral Holding established in 1989 in Urmia, North West City of Iran that has borders with Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Totally 800 people are working in Maral holding including Chichest Axle Company (FOX Brand), Maral Sanat Javid (Maral), Maral Yadak (TSP brand) and Rostami after sales services (Located in Tehran).

After more than 30 year experience, we have fulfilled our goal of being a leading manufacturer that produces broad range of products in trucking industry including different kinds of Trailers, semi-trailers, most of trailers spare parts and accessories together with Axle and Axle spare parts.  In addition to supply to local market via more than 40 Agents in most of cities, we export to all neighbor countries. We aim to export to other potential markets as well to meet demands of customers all over the world.

As industrial manufacturing company with more than 30 year experience, 5 production lines and thanks to technical knowledge of engineers and personnel combined with most advanced technology, machinery and equipment, we are proud of serving customers in the whole sales process from “order” up to “after sales services and maintenance”.

Our policy is offering safe, durable and reliable products, thus we give special attention to whole process of Manufacturing from materials supply to customers feedback and have focused on quality improvements, innovation in producing new parts as well as technical and marketing details in depth. Maral Holding is a company that you can trust and depend on.

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